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Krasnoe Village, Russia

Project Krasnoe Island, in the mouth of the Devina river, is one of 21 pilot village electrification projects throughout Northern Russia using Bergey wind turbines. In the Northern Territories of Russia (Siberia) there are approximately 20 million people living without …

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Moldova, Romania

Cellular telephone service is a rapidly expanding and very competitive business in Romania. MobiFon, an affiliate of Air Touch, is a leading service provider and an operator of numerous off-grid cell sites throughout Romania. These sites have typically been powered …

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Nabouwalu, Fiji

Wind / PV System to Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption The 97.4 kW wind/PV hybrid energy system at the Nabouwalu government station on the island of Vanua Levu was installed in January, 1998 to save on the fuel expenses and emissions …

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