Greenland Ice Sheet

Practice Field for Ice Landings (Skiway)

The Raven Skiway remote camp is located just above the Artic Circle and approximately 200 miles inland from the west coast of Greenland. It serves as a training site for the 109th Air National Guard for qualifying their LC-130 air crews for landing ski equipped airplanes on snow and ice.

The camp is maintained by the Snow & Ice Research Group of the Polar Ice Coring Office at the University of Nebraska. The site is also used for artic survival training and hosts various science groups funded by the National Science Foundation in the summer months.

The Raven Skiway is powered by a Bergey 1.5 kW turbine that was installed in 1997. In 1995 and 1996 this same turbine was used to power a clean air monitoring facility (where no internal combustion engine generators could be used) at the nearby Summit Camp.

The site elevation of the Raven Skiway is 7,800 ft (2,380 m), of which approximately 7,000 ft (2,135 m) is the ice sheet itself. The annual temperatures range from -40 degrees F in the winter to +40 degrees F in the summer. The camp is operated from April 1 to the end of August each year.