Kemp Residence, Ontario Canada

Off-Grid Home, Hybrid Wind/Solar Power

When Bill and Lorraine Kemp decided to build a new 3,000 sq ft home at the back end of the family farm they were quoted $13,000 to bring power in. They decided instead to install an off-grid power system combining wind and solar power sources. The system consists of a Bergey 1.5 kW wind turbine on a 100 ft. tower, 1,200 W of solar, a 1,000 AH battery bank, and a 7.5 kW back-up diesel generator. The Kemp home has a three car garage, a horse stable, a home office, a home theater, and air conditioning.

Bill, an electrical engineer who builds controls for hydroelectric systems, put the system together himself over several years. He has also written an excellent 18 page article on his experience, "An Off-Grid Primer" and will soon publish a book: "The Renewable energy Handbook for Homeowners". Bill has graciously allowed us to post a copy of his article, click here (PDF, 817 KB). Bill's article does a great job of showing why hybrid systems make so much sense and why careful attention to energy conservation is the secret to a successful off-grid power system. We highly recommend it.