Nabouwalu, Fiji

Wind / PV System to Reduce Diesel Fuel Consumption

The 97.4 kW wind/PV hybrid energy system at the Nabouwalu government station on the island of Vanua Levu was installed in January, 1998 to save on the fuel expenses and emissions of the existing diesel generator.

The system consists of eight Bergey 7.5 kW turbines, 144 260W ASE PV modules, a 428 kWh battery bank, and an 100 kW PS&C industrial inverter. The system was designed and installed by PICHTR (Honolulu, HI) on behalf of the Fijian Department of Energy. Principal funding was provided by the government of Japan.

The wind turbines are mounted on used 80 ft guyed tubular towers that originally held Carter 25 kW turbines in one of the California windfarms. The system is designed to supply 80% of the stations energy from renewables, or about 720 kWh/day. Information garnered from this facility will be used in designing rural electrification systems for the Fiji Rural Electrification Program.

A more complete project description is available at the NREL RSVP (Renewable Systems for Village Power) web site: