Timbuktu, Mali

Irrigation for Trees and Vegetables

The Evangelical Baptist Mission has a mission/farm in Timbuktu, Mali that includes an orchard and a large vegetable garden. Mali, part of Sub-Saharan Africa, receives very little rainfall, but does have useful underground water in many places. But, the problem for project developers is that few areas are electrified and using diesel pumps is both expensive and limited to relatively shallow depths (due to the usual mechanical drive arrangement). Mali, on the other hand, has very good wind resources.

In March, 1990 EBM installed a 10 kW Bergey wind-electric water pumping system on a 24 m (80 ft) Tilt-up tower and an 8-stage Grundfos submersible pump. The system has been in continuous operation since that time. The only maintenance required was the replacement of a relay in the pump controller in 1996. The photo above shows the wind turbine and one of the few green areas in Timbuktu.